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Durga Puja 2018 Important Time Table or Pujor Tithi

Durga Puja 2018 Important Time Table or Pujor Tithi

Durga Puja time table is always important for Indian. This Puja has various date and time which is important to know. Because Nothing like Durga Puja, it's not a Festival for us it's an Emotion. In this Pujo People, Food, Pandels everything is so differents. All the people of India most of West Bengal people Waiting for this Festival, it's the Festival of Mother Goddess Durga over the Victory of Mahisasur. It's also the most Expensive festival in West Bengal, the theme of the Pandels are so Expensive and Have a touch of pure Artistic.

Here Are also have too many Puja which is famous for its historical Memories. Some of the Puja were 200-300 years old, so it has a great value for us.

Everyone starts their preparation for this Puja before 4-5 months ago. So you can understand how much big is it. Many of the Puja has some Social message to motivate us.

So The importance of Durga Puja is so much. This year also everyone waiting for Durga Puja. So you need to know Some important time table of Durga Puja. Here it's-


Durga Puja is about 5 Days for Bangalis. Which is -
"Sasthi" • "Saptami" • "Ostomi" • "Nabami" • "Dhosomi".

And Before 7days ago  "Mahalaya" is an important event, it's an historical event.

Durga Puja 2018 Important Time Table or Pujor Tithi
(2018 Durga Puja Time Table)

Mahalaya Tithi

09 October, Tuesday,2018

Sasthi Tithi

15 October, Monday,2018
Bilva Nimantran, Sasthi Puja, Akal Bodhon, Adhivas-

Time- start in 08.05 am (Bangla- Ashshin 28,1425)

Saptami Tithi

16 October, Tuesday,2018
Dawn on navapatrika Puja - 05.10
Sunrise navapatrika day- 05.33.

TIME of Saptami puja- 10.16 am (Bangla-Ashshin 29,1425)

Durga Puja 2018 Important Time Table or Pujor Tithi

Ostomi Tithi

17 October, Wednesday,2018
Ostomi Tithi will start at - 10.16
End- 12.49
PUJA- Ostomi Puja, sandhi puja. (Bangla- 30 Ashshin,1425)

Nabami Tithi

18 October, Thursday,2018
Puja- Nabami Puja, balidan,homa puja.
Time- Balidan- 12.30- 2.47
            Homa puja- 12.49 to 05.06
           Nabami- 12.49am to 03.28pm

Dashami Tithi

19 October, Friday,2018
Dashami will start at 15.28 on 18 Oct and ends 17.57 on 19oct.
Time- Vijoya- 13.15-14.01
              Bishorjon- 05.38- 7.57

Durga Puja 2018 Important Time Table or Pujor Tithi
(Maa Durga)

Durga Puja is a famous Hindu festival and during this time Goddess Durga is worshiped. Durga Puja is also known as Durgotsav. Durgotsav is celebrated for five days. These five days are celebrated as Sheshi, Mahasattami, Mahashtami, Mahanavmi and Vijayadashmi. (According to Hindu religious texts, Chandi-Text should be started with the Durga Puja from the next day of Mahayana Amavasya.The Mahayana is the most important day of the patriarchal side. On this day, Hindus pay homage to their ancestors, so this Day is not considered right to start any auspicious work.)

In most of the states excluding West Bengal, the establishment of the state is changed on the next day of the month of Mahavaya Amavasya. Due to the Durga Puja, it is similar to the Kalapradha, which is called the Goddess Durga. Usually Kalaparambh is done on the date of Shishti during the Goddess side. According to regional practices and perceptions, Durga Puja which occurs during Shardhiya Navaratri can take place from 9 days to one day, which has also been mentioned in Dharasindhu.

The goddess side starts from the next day of the mahaya amavasya of the paternal side. Goddess Durga arrives on earth on the first day of the Divine Day and she departs on the day of Durga immersion. Durga's arrival and departure day are important and the time coming from these days is estimated. Based on this estimate, the time coming is declared auspicious or inauspicious.

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