Tuesday, 26 February 2019

India Attacks on Pakistan- 26 February, Indian Air Force Dropped 1000 Kg Bomb, Pok, India Pakistan attack

India Attacks Pakistan:- After Pulwama Attack Every Indian People was crazy to take Revenge on Pakistan because they killed our 44+ Jawans, but now India has take Revenge by Dropping 1000 Kg Bomb, by entering the LoC or line of control.

India Attacks on Pakistan- 26 February, Indian Air Force Dropped 1000 Kg Bomb, Pok, India Pakistan attack,  pulwama revenge
(India Dropped 1000 KG Bomb in Pakistan)

So if you want to know about this Attack then please keep reading below, here is all details about this.

26 February, 2019:- After the 12 Days of Pulwama Attack Today at 3.30 am India has Take Revenge on Pakistan by dropping 1000 kg bomb. It's a great success for India.
Indian Air Force take this Revenge on Pakistan, they uses 12 Mirage Air jets to get a Great results. So this is a really proud moment for all of us.
Indian Air Force enter 80 km in Pakistan to Attack Pakistan, they blast 3 Control Camp of Terrorists, which is a really huge success. They have now Destroyed the Control Camps of Jaish- e- Muhammad.
By attacking this Modi shows his 56 inch Ka Chaati, so it's real moment for all.
The camp which is destroyed by our army is - Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarbad  , there was 3 camp of terrorists which is now a history for the Pakistan. Because our army finished this camp by dropping 1000 kg of Bomb.

Time of this Attack

The Media told us that our Air Force planning this and attack on Pakistan today (26 February,2019) at 3.30 am, when everyone was taking rest. So it's a huge success for all of the Indian. Because they want peace not pace, that's why they want to finish all the terrorists.

Indian Air Force Attack on Pakistan

The Indian Air Force has Attack on Pakistan by entering 80km on Pakistani which prove that how much great our army is. The 10-12 Mirage Air Jets Enter there and deploy 1000 km bomb and destroyed the camp of terrorists.

Attacking Places

Indian Air Force attacks 3 place in Pakistan, Balacoat, Chakoti, Muzzafarnagar. There was 3 camp of terrorists which is greatly destroyed by our air force. So we salute them, for taking the Revenge. There was the camp of terrorists gang Jaish-e-Muhammad, which is not now.

So we hope you like this Celebrate this Day because it's a huge day for all of us Indian, we wanted it and our army gives us this. So enjoy the day, and for more information keep reading and visiting here.

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