Thursday, 14 February 2019

Latest News: Pulwama Attack on CRPF Bus - How many army killed? Pulwama Attack Today, Kashmir attack 14 February, live news, latest information about Pulwama Attack

Pulwama Attack, 14 February:- A Dreadful Attack took place in Pulwama, Kashmir. After the Uri Attack it's the most Big and rubbish Attack from Pakistani Terrorist.
So we shared all the information about this Attack. #Pulwama #attack.

Pulwama Attack on CRPF Bus - How much army killed? Pulwama Attack Today, Kashmir attack 14 February

Here is all the information about this Attack. #Pulwama #attack

How Many CEPF Army were Killed

Till Now there are more than 45+ CRPF ARMY were Killed but there is now so many Army are bad Conditions in Hospital. We will tell you latest updates about this, so bookmark this website.

Jes - A - Mohomadd did this Dreadful Attacks In Pulwama

Today in the Pulwama District of Kashmir at the Abantapora 40+ CRPF Army were killed by Pakistan terrorists. There are lots of Army in the Hospital who are fighting for their life.

In the First Report, it was told that Pakistani Terrorist used a Mahindra Scorpio and 350kg Fire Bomb to Attack on the Army.

Injured Army were Carried in the Hospital through a Bus. We are hopeful for their well being.

Terrorists used Bomb in the Car

In the Report of Home Minister, Pakistani Terrorist were Use a Bomb in the bus to kill the CRPF Army. There are 70 Bus passing through Shrinagar Rajmarg. Then there is a Bus Busted and So Many army are killed. So it's Dreadful and bad news for Us.

There in the Photo are many Army are lying of and always bloods and bloods in the Rajmarg, Shrinagar. In the Report it is clear that this attck were executed by Adil Ahamed' s Army "Bakash Commandos".

There are the marks of Bullets in the Bus, which provides that after the Blasting there were so many terrorists firing in the Bus. #crpfindia #pulwama @crpfindia

In the Pulwama IED blast in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a suicide attack on the convoy of CRPF in Goripura area of ​​Avantipura, which has put the country in shock. A bus from a convoy of about 2500 soldiers collided with a car loaded with 350 kg and 40 personnel of the CRPF were martyred in it. Jaish-e-Mohammad (Jaish-e-Mohammed) has taken the responsibility of this attack and its terrorist Adil Ahmed Dar used 350 kg of IED (Improvised Explosive Device) to carry out the attack on the CRPF convoy. After this attack, many politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) have condemned the attack. According to the report, this is the biggest terror attack after Uri. The injured are being treated at the Army Hospital in Srinagar. The bus carrying CRPF jawans was targeted primarily. Several other vehicles have also been damaged in the attack.

So it's really bad and dreadful Attack we heavily Condemnation this Attack and hoping to our PM to do something Different by which Terrorists will finish. So always visit here to get useful information. #pulwama Attack.

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