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Monday, 18 February 2019

February 18, 2019

Shivaratri 2019 - Puja Date, Timing, Muhorto, 4th March, Shivratri Fast Timing, How to Worship, Full Details

Shivaratri 2019 or Mahashivaratri:- Hello Guys, Welcome Back to this Fresh post, here we will tell you about all details of 2019 Shivaratri. Here we will share you 2019 Shivaratri 2019 Date, Timing, 4th March, How to Worship Shiva. So if you want to know about all these then you must read our this new post.

Shivratri 2019 - Puja Date, Timing, Muhorto, 4th March, Shivratri Fast Timing, How to Worship, Full Details

Shivaratri is one of the Best Worship or Festival in our India, It's the Most Historical Puja or Festival in India. Not only in India but also Nepal, Bangladesh and more. So you may understand how historical it's. So all are Celebrates this Festival. Because it's believe in Hindu's that Shiva is the Father of Hindu or our World, He is the Most Powerful God in this world. He gives us all things that we want, because He is so powerful. We also Believe Shiv Ji, because the feeling the can't say you. We feels that there is really some power. So it's a Most Important Festival in our or Hindus Life. In the Day of Maha Shivratri the people of India keep fast and Brilliantly Worship the God of this World Shiva. So we always want to know the Date, Timing, Muhorto, Tithi, way and more things so much before of the festival.
So here you will get all of the Details About 2019 Maha Shivaratri, So Don't go anywhere, just scroll down and read below.


Shivratri 2019 - Puja Date, Timing, Muhorto, 4th March, Shivratri Fast Timing, How to Worship, Full Details

Maha Shivaratri is the Most Historical Festival for Indian and it's the Most Powerful Puja or Worship. Shiva is the Best Festival in this World, we always want to worship the Shiva very goodly. People of the India Keep fast and Worship Shiva, they heavily enjoy this Day all people are heavily want Shivji, so it's the greatest festival and most important day in our life. We must know all about this Puja so before. So that's why here we share all details about this 2019 Mahashivaratri. So keep reading.

Shivaratri 2019 Date

You May Confuse or see the worng Date, but here is the real and true date. If you want to know the date of 2019 Shivratri so here it's for you; This Year the Maha Shivaratri is going to held in -
4th March, Monday 2019.

4th March of 2019 is the Date of Mahashivratri, So hope your confusion now Vanished.

Shivaratri 2019 Timing or Muhorto or Tithi

There are two kind of timing one is Puja Day Timing another is next day's Ratri Pahar Puja Timing so let's see the timing.

Timing:- 24:07 - 24:57, March 4, 2019

Duration:- 49 Mins

So now there's the Timing of Ratri Pahar Puja in Shivratri which is on 05 March, 2019.>>>>>>

Ratri Pahar Puja Timing

• 1st Pahar Puja:- 18:19 - 21:26
• 2nd Pahar Puja:- 21:26 - 24:33
• 3rd Pahar Puja:- 24:33 - 27:39
• 4th Pahar Puja:- 27:39 - 30:46

So it's the Ratri Pahar Puja Timing. So here we tell you all about timing of Mahashivaratri 2019. Hope you Goodly understand and save this. If you want know How to Puja or Worship Shiva and more then you must read full article.

How To Worship Shiv or Items for Worshipping
Though Shiv ji Don't want Anything Special things for his Puja and he is very cool or vola that's why we called him Vole Baba. So he's very special for us, that's why we want to Worship or Puja him with some special thing. If you want to know what the Special things Shiv ji likes then read below;

Shivratri 2019 - Puja Date, Timing, Muhorto, 4th March, Shivratri Fast Timing, How to Worship, Full Details

  • Sahed or Honey
  • Chandan
  • "Shet" or white Colours Flowers
  • Milk ( One of the most important thing)
  • "Belpatra"; "Akh" and "Dhutra".
  • "Dahi" or Curd
  • "Chawal" or Rice
  • "Til"
  • "Chane ke daal"
  • "Dubb"
  • "Haldi"
  • "Tulsi"
  • Red flowers
So The Pandits are think that these are the best and some special thing by which you can earns good love from Shiv Ji.

Secret and Unknown Facts About Shiv Puja
Here is some cool and great facts about the Shiv ji, so if you want to know then read this.

  • Do you know that- Anyone can Worship Shiva, because the Shiv god don't think about cast.
  • Shiv ji is very cool that's why he called as "Vole Baba".
  • Shiv ji like "Belpatra" and Milk.
  • You can also Worship Shiv ji with anything you want, he doesn't want anything. You can Worship him with a leaf of the tree.

So this are some facts about shiv ji, we will talk about more facts in some another special post, so till then regularly visit here. Save our website.

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So Friends we hope you like this post this is the Details of 2019 Shivratri, hope you read it well. If you have any questions then please inform us and contact us, we will help you. So this is a Very special festival for us you must Celebrate this Mahashivaratri Festival greatly. We are always here to help you, just save our site and visit here regularly and keep following us and keep reading us. Keep visiting here to get this kind of posts, Shivaratri 2019 - Puja Date, Timing, Muhorto, 4th March, Shivratri Fast Timing, How to Worship, Full Details. So read and Enjoy all of our posts.

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Sunday, 10 February 2019

February 10, 2019

Ekadashi 2019 All Dates - February 15, Jaya Ekadashi, Vaishnava Ekadashi, Bhaimi Ekadashi Dates

Ekadashi 2019 Dates:- Hello Guys, Here's , Ekadashi 2019 Dates, Jaya Ekadashi, Vaishnava Ekadashi, Bhaimi Ekadashi Dates and Names. So if you want to know about all the Dates and Names then you must look below.

Ekadashi 2019 Dates - February 15, Jaya Ekadashi, Vaishnava Ekadashi, Bhaimi Ekadashi Dates

Ekadashi in February Month-

15 February, Friday, Jaya Ekadashi (this is also known as Bhaimi Ekadashi);
• 16 February, Saturday, Vaishnava Ekadashi.

So this is the Names and Dates of the February month, it's the real and accurate date.

2019 Next All Ekadashi Dates

Dates Day Ekadashi Names
March- 02,2019 Saturday Vijaya Ekadashi
March-17,2019 Sunday Amlaki Ekadashi
April - 1, 2019 Monday Papmochini Ekadashi
April - 15, 2019 Monday Kamda Ekadashi
April- 30, 2019 Tuesday Varutihini Ekadashi
May - 15, 2019 Wednesday Mohini Ekadashi
May - 30, 2019 Thursday Apara Ekadashi
June - 13, 2019 Thursday Nirjala or Bhim Ekadashi
June - 28,2019 Friday Yogini Ekadashi
June - 29, 2019 Saturday Vaishnava, Yogini Ekadashi
July - 12, 2019 Friday Sayana, Padma, Devshayani
July - 28, 2019 Friday Kamila Ekadashi
August - 11, 2019 Sunday Pavitropana Ekadashi
August - 26, 2019 Monday Annada Ekadashi
September - 9, 2019 Monday Parsva Ekadashi
September - 25, 2019 Wednesday Indira Ekadashi
October - 09, 2019 Wednesday Papankusha Ekadashi
October - 24, 2019 Thursday Rama Ekadashi
November - 8, 2019 Friday Haribhodini, Dev Uthani Ekadashi
November - 22, 2019 Friday Utpanna Ekadashi
December - 8, 2019 Sunday Mokshada Ekadashi
December - 22, 2019 Sunday Saphala Ekadashi

So this is the Full List of Ekadashi 2019 Dates and Names. You must read it well. Here is all information about 2019. If want more information related to Festival then always visit here and read our site. So keep following us and Visit here regularly.

Importance of Ekadashi

"Ekadashi" has its own great Importance for Hindu's. It's so important day for Indians or Hindu. It's is believed that if someone keep "Brat" or "keep fast" on this day, gets Blessing from the Ancestor.

Which Foods are Usually Eats on This Day:-

Who keep the "Brat" or keep fast on this day are usually takes Fruits, Milks, Sweets, Sabudana, tea without biscuits, coconuts etc for eating.

Don't Do These Things on Ekadashi

1: The fasting of Ekadashi shows the worship of Lord Vishnu and the sense of dedication to him. On the day of Ekadashi, abstinence and integrity should be followed in eating and drinking.

2: On the day of Ekadashi, husband and wife should abide by Brahcharya, so on this day there should not be physical connection.

3: Date of Ekadashi in all the dates is considered to be very auspicious. To get the benefit of Ekadashi, no one should say any harsh words on this day. Avoid fighting and quarrel.

4: The day of Ekadashi is a day of worship of Lord, therefore, this day should rise early in the morning and should not sleep even in the evening. Apart from this, neither should anger nor lie on this day.

Why keep vows or Fast (Brat) of Ekadashi (Brat Kiu Rakhte Hai)

Actually, the name of this fast is similar to the result. The fast of Sona Ekadashi is very good for those people who have obstacles in childbirth or those wishing to obtain a son. Therefore, in order to attain the child, this fast should be of special nature to the person, so that the desired fruit can be attained. The effect of this fast is also protecting the offspring. . The special thing of this fast is that it gives fruit to both men and women alike.

Story of fast or Brata 

In the town of Bhadravati, King Sukatuman and his wife, Shavai lived. This couple had no children. Both of them were anxiously worrying about who would fire them after their death. Both of them were miserable in this worry every day and night. One day the king went to the forest with unhappy minds. The king was thirsty in the forest. If they wander somewhere, they show them a lake. Upon approaching the lake, the king saw that the ashrams of the Rishis remained a distance there. There were many muni writings there. The king drank water from the lake. By quenching thirst, the king bowed to all the Munis. The Rishis blessed the King and said that we are pleased with you. The king asked the reason for the gathering of the sages with them. Then one of them Muni said that he is Visvdev Dev and came to the bath near the lake. The sages said to the king that today is Sona Ekadashi, the person who fastens on this day receives the child. The king started the fasting of the son of Ekadashi according to the words of the Munis and he passed the fasting (opened fast) on the next day. After some time the Queen became pregnant and attained the deserving child.

(Amavasya 2019 all Dates)


So Friends this is the full list of Ekadashi 2019 and Info about February Ekadashi 2019. Hope you find this post helpful. So you must read this well and Share this post with your friends and family. So Share it. Read it "Ekadashi 2019 Dates - February 15, Jaya Ekadashi, Vaishnava Ekadashi, Bhaimi Ekadashi Dates".

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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

February 05, 2019

Amavasya in 2019 - March 6,2019 Amavasya, Amavasya Date, time March 6

Amavasya - 6 March - Wednesday - 2019

The Next Amavasya is going to happen in 6 March 2019. It's the 3rd Amavasya of this year, 2019. So here is all information about the 3rd Amavasya of 2019.
The 2nd Amavasya Just finished just before some days of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, 4 Feb, 2019.

Amavasya, Amavasya 2019, Amavasya March 2019


Here is the Information about the timing of 3rd, March 6,2019 Amavasya.

will End at 9.36 PM- on Wednesday Night - 6 March - 2019.

So This Amavasya will Start on March 5, 2019 at 7.36 PM and it will end at 9.36 PM in the next day means 6 March, 2019. So this is the timing or Muhurto of this 3rd Amavasya of 2019, make sure you must read it greatly to remember it easily. 
Below is all the Dates of Amavasya 2019. You can get all info about this.


April Month:- Amavasya - Thursday - 4 April

May Month:- Amavasya - Saturday - 4 May

June Month:- Amavasya- Monday - 3June

July Month:- Amavasya - Tuesday - 2July

August Month:- Amavasya - Friday - 30 August

September Month:- Amavasya - Saturday - 28 September

October Month:- Amavasya - Sunday - 27 October

November Month:- Amavasya - Tuesday - 26 November

December Month: Amavasya - Wednesday - 25 December

Amavasya, Amavasya 2019, Amavasya 2019 March

So this is the Full Schedule of Amavasya in 2019 you must read all of this deeply. Here you will get all updates Related to date, timing, festival and more.

Many People keep fast in this Day of Amavasya, it's has some great importance in India or For Hindu's. So it's a Important Day for us. Many People Worship many gods in this Day. So it's a vital day for us, that's why we share this post with you. (Amavasya in April, 2019)

Amavasya is the day of new moon. It's also known as Amabassya, Omabossa and many others Spelling Names. So sometimes this Amavasya take a very huge and different form when the timing is more than this one, but it's happens sometimes.

(Read it:- Quotes About Waiting)

Some People believe some Superstation to Amavasya, but there is not anything like that. It's Purely a Rules of nature, it's a great part of this world. So Don't believe those Superstation but do your own work.

(Also Read:- Saraswati Puja 2019)


So Guys, We Hope You find this post helpful. Just share this post with your friends and family. We always post this types of articles so make sure that you must visit here and keep following us for Latest Information. Like "Amavasya in 2019 - March 6,2019 Amavasya, Amavasya Date, time March 6". So this is the Date and timing of Amavasya March,6, 2019.

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

December 02, 2018

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Best Picnic Spot in West Bengal:- We are Proud to be a Bengali, because our culture is so great. We can't live without Foods, Specially without Fish, Chicken and Biriyani. Besides We have an another Thirst for Traveling. Bengali People are Really like to Travel, we always want to travelling all over the world and it's enough in this short life. Also Besides this we need a bit of Picnic to Get Best Enjoyment. Because Picnic is the way to Entertain with Friends. So In Every Winter We Visit so many places for Picnic, this gives us so much coolness. 

If you wanted to visit near you I mean inside west Bengal then we have some great ideas for your this winter picnic plan.
So If you Finding Some Great Places for Picnic then you are in the Right place. Because Here we going to share with you some Best Picnic Spot in West Bengal for Picnic.

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

So What is your plan for this winter? Tell us by Commenting below. Every Years we Bengali need a picnic to refresh ourselves. So if you are a Bengali then and finding a great place for Picnic inside west Bengal, then here is our suggestions. Don't Go anywhere just follow our this great post about the "Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal". All the places are really great for you it's suggest by our Experts. So Get set ready for you next picnic.

( Little Outside From Kolkata)


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Siliguri is the Best Place for us to travel and enjoying the picnic. It's a place of North Bengal, the beauty of Siliguri Nature is Amazing.
It is a Place which is near from a Beautiful River of Mahananda, a amazing Hill station is also near to this. There's also so many Park, zoo, water falls and others beautiful things. So it is a Great place to enjoy your Picnic in this Winter. So just go and take the enjoy of this place.

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

It's little far from Kolkata but because it's a great place that's why our expert suggest it for you.
(565km - from Kolkata).

(Inside Kolkata)


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

So Dooars is our a Great Choice to PICNIC inside the Kolkata. It's a Beautiful place to enjoy the picnic. It's so near from Kolkata so it's also easy to visit here. Here is so many Natural beauty that will Gives your eyes a great freshness. Here is also so many Park,hills, picnic spot and other things.
So you must come here and take the enjoy of this place.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

If you want take a great enjoyment then you should go this place because the traditions of the Santiniketan is great the place is also so much beautiful. Here is A House of Rabindra Nath Tagore which is so special for visitors, his old culture, Special Attractions and more. A great Fairwell is also situated in Santiniketan in every year. So you much go here in this winter.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

If you want to a place which is made for Picnic that is Raichak. If you visit here then your picnic will get a grand success.
If you also need a Great freshness then that place also for you here's fresh air, fresh garden, water and more. 
Raichak hotels are really great so that means your lunch and dinner will going to be great. 
So you can also visit here for this winter.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Our Next Choice's Tajpur. The freshness of Tajpur is awesome, here is a beach which will make you mood.
Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Great parks, clean spot of picnic, waters, hotel etc made this place awesome. 
So you must go here to picnic with your friends and family.

Baabur Haat

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

The place of Romance Baabur Haat has all the beauty that you want. A place where you can get all those things that you want in a great holiday or in Picnic. Near from Kolkata and Burdwan so people can easily visit here.
Here is some fresh garden, fishing spots, park, hills and more things. Here's also a great market of Various Fishes, which is best food for Bangalis. So you must visit here in this winter.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

If you want to take some Enjoyment of a beach then Bakkhali is the best place for you to visit in this winter. The Nature is so Awesome in Bakkhali so you will get a great enjoyment of picnic. 

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

Beach walks, wind farms, boat rides, islands, cycle rides around town. Bakkhali is the perfect place for an exotic getaway right here.
So You must visit this place for this season of winter for picnic.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

If you want to visit a historical place then Murshidabaad is a great option for you. Here you can find so many historical things, culture, traditional and more special things. 

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

HazardDuwari is a great things here which is so popular in worldwide. It's also near from Kolkata-burdwan-bankura so easy to visit.
So make your plan to visit here.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

The Place in where the people from so far are visited to make a great Picnic. It's near from Bankura, but so many people of Kolkata every years came here to enjoy the picnic.

Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

The spot is free of cost, it's really clean, there is so many people to clean the spot. There is also some incomparable Natural beauty, park, garden water, hills and much more special things. So you must visit here to make your picnic a great success.


Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

If you are thinking about a long days days tour then Bardhaman or Burdwan is Best for you. Because Here is so many things which will attract you. The park, the historical things, place, traditional things and much more will Gives you lots of Enjoyment.
Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal

So make your plan for Burdwan.

Final Word
So Friends this is our Best Suggestion for you to Visit here and make a great Picnic. We hope this "Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal" post was awesome for you. So now this is the time to get up and pack your bags and make your picnic trip. So if you have any questions or suggestions then please comment below. So Make your Picnic a Grand success, we are always with you if you need some suggestions and others please tell us, our team will definitely help you for anything. Share this "Best Picnic Spot for this Winter in West Bengal" Post with your friends and family.

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